Coaching Testimonials

“As CEO of a small, privately held professional services firm in the technology marketing industry I have been able to grow my business, become a better leader, and enhance my personal and professional leadership style – all as a direct result of Michael Balloch’s executive coaching and business consulting services. My company has averaged 22 percent annual growth over 10 years, due in large part to Michael’s coaching work with me, my business partner, and several members of our executive management team. Michael brings a steady hand, experience and third-party discipline to support me in decision making; whether it’s an employee issue, a marketing opportunity, or strategy dialogue, I can always count on Michael to challenge my thinking and offer hands-on guidance. He has also brought much-needed balance to my personal and professional lives. I could not have achieved all I have in the past decade without Michael.”
– Lisa Vallee-Smith, CEO, Airfoil Public Relations

“Working with Michael has made the difference between wanting to achieve my goals, and actually being able to realize them. He successfully challenges me, forces me to look at opportunities from multiple perspectives and helps me craft action plans that provide a clear pathway. Michael’s business experience, knowledge and “desk side” manner have become pillars in my ongoing business planning.”
– Tim Smith, President, Skidmore Studio

“Mike has a knack for helping me understand perspectives not considered and getting past my biases. He has helped me to create a professional development plan that has increased my capacity and competence to lead. The result has been a more balanced life and success in achieving my personal and professional goals.”
– Louis Ray, President, Amerisource Industrial Supply

“Leading a company through a turbulent economic environment can be a tough job, but Mike Balloch has been a mainstay for me. He has helped me assess my strengths and weaknesses and provides me with fresh approaches to organizational systems that work. He’s enabled me to align my leadership strengths with the needs of my organization and create strategic and operational plans that motivate our staff.”
– Janet Tyler, President, Airfoil Public Relations

“Mike continually challenges me to raise my expectations; for myself and my new company. I am a better Leader, my company is steadily growing and Mike holds me accountable to continue the upward growth curve. If you are willing to work hard for positive change, Mike is your man.”
– Jim Simpson, President, J Simpson and Associates, LLC

Consulting testimonials

“Michael has been a tremendous asset in developing strategic objectives for our organization. He has worked with me twice to prepare Strategic Planning sessions and the process has been exceptional each time. There is a great deal of thought and planning that goes in before our Management Team meets, which has led to very productive and focused meetings. The first session helped develop strong, meaningful objectives and clear timelines for execution; the follow-up was wonderful to refine, refocus and reenergize plans to continue with those objectives. Michael’s assistance has helped us navigate some difficult economic times with a clear direction shared by our entire Management Team.”
– Dan Weingartz, President, Weingartz

“Tweddle Group’s experience with Balloch Coaching has helped us clearly organize and communicate our business strategy across our global team, and build the business tools that help us to effectively evaluate our progress towards the implementation of that strategy. In addition to macro view that Mike has assisted us with, his ability to work individually with myself and my management team to ensure we are all operating effectively and towards a common goal. This has been particularly helpful as the implementation of our global growth plan has taken me away from the home office a great deal; knowing that Mike was in my office ensuring that key managers were focused on the right task, has been instrumental in my ability to spread myself thin, and know that someone was there to help my management team.”
– Andrew Tweddle, President & CEO, Tweddle Group, NA, Europe, Asia

“Thank you for conducting our Strategic and Business Planning sessions. Your professional planning, coordination and facilitation resulted in a first class event that provided a clear direction and focus for our company. With your facilitating, I was able to participate and observe in a way that was incredibly insightful. When the Great Recession hit, we were so well prepared that following a mid-year Business Planning session, our management team was able to respond quickly to the rapidly changing and challenging conditions without losing sight of the longer term objectives. If I had to put the value in ROI terms, based on bottom line results vs. money’s spent, we received a 6,250% return on moneys invested. I honestly do not believe that we would have had such a great 2009 and 2010 without your good work.”
– Amanda Christides, President and CEO, Plymouth Technology